At some point some time now or in the future, either car ownership, driving, or both become infeasible, uncomfortable, unsafe or simply impossible. For many seniors, loss of their ability to drive, whether health-related, or because of license removal, translates into loss of independence. Family and friends may not always be able to assist on demand, and there are some things that must be attended to out of the house.  Shopping, doctor’s appointments, and so on, require transportation.

One can always call a taxi service, or taxi alternative, or simply take the bus or publicly available mobility options, but many of these services book quickly during the day and may not always be available.

Order Transportation

Call A-Supreme at 1-866-959-0083.  When speaking with our trained staff, let us know about your individual transportation needs. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or to the community centre for exercise and getting together with friends, A-Supreme can arrange for the transportation you need to give the independence and dignity they need and reduce their isolation.


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