Services for Seniors

Services for Seniors

Seniors that are home-bound or need supplemental care are a critical part of our client base.  As they age, or if returning home from the hospital post-injury or procedure, seniors are sometimes less able to perform Activities of Daily Living, often referred to as ADLs.

ADLs are activities normally done during a typical day, such as meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, work, homemaking, and leisure activities. Certain types of devices may be used to improve independence in performing ADLs in the elderly and various patients, but when these aren’t enough, home care is often used to provide supplementary assistance.

Basic ADL’s are as the following:

  • Bathing/showering
  • Personal hygiene and grooming (brushing teeth/combing/styling hair
  • Dressing
  • Toilet hygiene (getting to the toilet, cleaning oneself, and getting back up)
  • Walking, getting in and out of bed or a seated position.
  • Self-feeding

One way to think about basic ADLs is that they are the things many people do when they get up in the morning and get ready to go out of the house: get out of bed, go to the toilet, bathe, dress, groom, and eat.  If you or a loved one can no longer perform 2 or more of these basic activities without assistance, then it would be a good time to bring in home care services to help.

Instrumental ADL’s are as the following:

  • Cleaning and maintaining the house
  • Managing money
  • Moving within the community
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping for groceries and necessities
  • Taking prescribed medications
  • Using the telephone or other form of communication

If you or a loved one can no longer cook, shop for groceries, clean the house, or perform other instrumental without assistance, then A-Supreme can provide the services to help read more here.  A-Supreme’s PSW’s and nurses can provide the services needed to keep you or your loved ones healthy and safe:

  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • medication reminders
  • shopping and running errands
  • house cleaning
  • meal preparation
  • wound care and bandage changing
  • foot care
  • respite care (family caregiver relief
  • palliative care
  • caring companionship, sitter care, reading and other assistance.
Call us today to speak with one of our representatives, we will gladly come to see you and discuss your unique needs.  It’s our nature to care.

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