Palliative Care

At some time, when one is dealing with a chronic or terminal illness a decision may be reached when further treatment options are either impractical, too costly, too painful, or otherwise unavailable.  Even when treatment options may be available, it may be determined by the patient or a third party that it is in the patient’s best interest to engage in palliative care.

Palliative care, or end-of-life care or comfort care, is designed to provide the patient with the means and ability to spend their time pain-free, in the company of loved ones, friends and family, or enjoy certain activities to lighten the spirits, while still seeing to the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming or meal preparation and transportation.

Ask For Palliative Care

Call A-Supreme at 1-866-959-0083.  Ask for your free assessment and about our palliative care service.  We can help maximize the quality of life for loved one for as long as it takes.  Our caregivers can provide around-the-clock monitoring, care, pain management, meal preparation, transportation and personalized care.

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